The restriction of mainstream sexuality stops here…

This is not about getting your rocks off. This is not about how to ‘get sexy pecs’. This is not about which beige chinos and pink polo shirts are like SO in this month. This is about setting up a dialogue. Forging a plane to discuss topics that interest all of us, that are relevant to having an alternative sexuality in today’s society.

We’ve never been that impressed with much of the mainline gay media, nor how they, or the straights, portray the community; writing predominantly vapid articles that serve only to play into negative stereotypes. So don’t bother checking our pages for plastic looking guys in their underwear or ads for rainbow cruises, or even ‘how to get totally ripped in four weeks!’ You wont find that here. What we hope you’ll find is a bit of intelligence. But not just a dissection of current events that are affecting the gay community, but also reviews on art, culture and discussions on the basis of sexuality from our own experiences.

We don’t want to just preach to the converted. Opening the masses eyes to another world, aside from “how to please your man” or how to diet or dress, we want to enlighten. We don’t want to claim we can change the world – too much responsibility lies in that. Just showing in an a thoughtful manner that there’s nothing “abnormal” about living out of the box you’re taught to tick from birth, hopefully we can demystify fear of the unknown. We want to provide a space for those who feel they have none as it stands.